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Temperature control of electrical switch board and PLC cubicles using Seifert cabinet air-conditioning units

AirFour Air-conditioning & Mechanical Services (AirFour) has many years being servicing large manufacturing plants for companies such as Fosters, Glaxo Pharmaceutical and Amcor.  This work has included the supply, installation on-going servicing of the many types of air-conditioning units which maintain temperatures in electrical switch board and programmable logic controller (PLC) cabinets.

Due to the increase of manufacturing equipment being controlled by electronic PLC computers, the temperature in these enclosed cabinets can become quite hot. This temperature rise can cause electronic equipment to overheat and burn out, causing production lines to shut down and in turn cost many thousands of dollars in lost production.

To overcome this problem AirFour has been providing and servicing specialized German made air-conditioning cabinet units manufactured by Seifert.

These units range from 200 watts up to 2000 watts and there are a variety of different models available. The large range of Seifert models means that they are suitable for most electrical cabinets found in manufacturing and computer room servers.

Seifert units are very reliable when correctly installed, and should a problem arise, they can be readily fixed or up-graded if needed.

To ensure the high reliability of your production controls, carefully monitor the temperatures of your electrical switch board and programmable logic controller (PLC) cabinets – and should you have a problem, call AirFour today.