Residential Cooling

Residential Cooling

A hot stuffy house is no fun for anyone – so a controllable, efficient and economic cooling system is what is needed to ensure everyone “keeps their cool”.

Key things to consider when cooling your home include:

  • How big is the area to be cooled
    is it the whole home, only a single room or somewhere in between?

  • What is the use of the area
    are you cooling a whole family of 8, a couple or perhaps just you? The more people in the house, the more rooms or areas that are used, so this is an important factor.

  • How often is it to be cooled
    are you home all day, just in the evenings, in and out?

  • What is your construction
    houses with lots of glass and few curtains are harder to cool and keep cool, so factors such as construction type, insulation and protection (verandahs and the like) all play their part.

  • What is your environment
    sea breezes, valley winds, wetlands and shade can also influence the type of cooling unit best suited to your environment.

Armed with this information you are now ready to start considering different types of systems.

Split System

A highly versatile system which combines a small “in-room” unit with a larger outdoor companion. These units come in a range of different shapes, sizes and configurations, as well as offering pure Cooling or combined Cooling/Heating options.

Ducted System

Using a network of ducts in your roof, the ducted system provides a “whole of house” refrigerated cooling option.  Regardless of the warmth or humidity of the day – you are in cooled comfort.

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