Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration

Refrigeration requires consistent temperature control.

Whether your need is for a cool-room to store large volumes of produce, refrigeration for a commercial kitchen or a temperature control system for medication, the reliable control of your refrigeration system is vital. A wholesale failure of a system or even just variability in the temperature can quickly result in a significant cost to your business.

Refrigeration installation, maintenance & repair is a specialist field. With fully qualified refrigeration mechanics working on your equipment, we provide the specialised attention that your equipment needs. Gas variations, flow rates, equipment type, site aspects and control parameters are all areas which need specific consideration by a qualified mechanic when dealing with your commercial refrigeration needs.

Refrigeration equipment which we routinely work with includes;

  • Cool Rooms
  • Display Cabinets-Counter type
  • Upright Fridges/Freezers
  • Beer Coolers
  • Under Bench Cabinets

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