Ducted Cooling Unit

Ducted Cooling Unit

Ducted Reverse Cycle air conditioning pumps temperature controlled air throughout the rooms in your home via ducts in the ceiling.

Ducted Refrigerated Units are the premier option for cooling your home.  They have an indoor fan coil discreetly positioned out of sight in the house – either in the floor or ceiling, with the larger cooling unit located outside.  This reduces the sound of the air-conditioning unit to whisper quiet.

With the “whole of house” approach, the Ducted Unit can cool and heat your home via the comprehensive ducted system, allowing the simple and convenient temperature control of your entire home. A return air grille is centrally located in the home to draw air back into the system for filtering and reuse.

Ducted Cooling is the premier option for whole house refrigerated cooling. With a Ducted Cooling Unit installed, avoid the hot and humid summer evenings for good!

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